Our History

GR C&B, We are step forward in every moment.


Planning to launch - HAMMER winter padding jacket

Planning to launch - Shower filter by "Laoni"

Launched "Dewfarm" brand

Launched "Hammer short sleeve t-shirt"

Launched "Bing soo machine" by Kamome

(ice grinder)

Launched "Beef Package" through NS home shopping


"Daese-roll" by Park, Soo-Hong. through NS home shopping

Germanium bracelet by Aliance, through NS home shopping and

W home shopping

"Beef/pork" through NS home shopping 

Supplying contract about Korean beef/female Pig with Chook-hyup


Contracted with well-known Geman fashion sneakers "NAT-2" as an

exclusive distributor for Korean market

Contracted online shops (open markets, general malls, social commerce,

private malls etc)

Launched at NS shop plus/W shopping/B shopping/Shopping&T/

K shopping

Launched electronics at NS home shopping

Sustain "Hammer" branded product sales at on/off line diestribution

Established GR C&B international co,LTD_Separated online business


Contracted with ladies wear brand "Johannex" as a production supplier

Launched at CJ home shopping

Launched at Hyundai home shopping

Contracted with Rinnai as a sole distributor of home shopping sales

Founded GR C&B. Expanded business categories into electronics,

fashion, rental etc


Contracted with Rinnai as a sole distributor of home shopping sales


Started "Home & shopping" sales


Started to sell at LOTTE home shopping


Started to sell at NS home shopping


Off line in department stores and Hammer brand shops


Founded "Hammer Korea", the mother company of GR C&B

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